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Global study highlights growth of digital journalism ahead of Online Media Awards

By Angela Haggerty | Reporter

June 12, 2013 | 3 min read

A global survey of journalists has underlined the growth of online journalism, with 30 per cent of media desribing their offering as 'digital first' and more than half of journalists admitting they source stories from services like Twitter.

Study: The research highlighted the shift from print to online

The sixth Oriella Digital Journalism Study sampled the views of 550 journalists from 15 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

The research revealed digital media was impacting publications' revenue models, with the number of respondents saying their outlet has a mobile app almost doubling over the past two years to 40 per cent, while the use of premium apps to monetise content has gone up by a third since last year.

Journalists identified academics, technical experts and analysts as their most trusted sources, while their skepticism fell mainly on politicians, PR officers and marketers. A fifth of respondents said citizen journalism now carried as much credibility in their organisation as mainstream reporting, while social media was identified by 51 per cent as an acceptable tool for sourcing stories, as long as the individual source was pre-established as reliable.

Robin Grainger, director, international at Brands2Life, said: "For all the technologcial change, the fundamental role of journalism remains the same - to gather evidence from sources, build narratives and then convey them.

"The brands that achieve cut-through in the 'new normal for news' will be those that kep abreast of these changes. They will be the ones that integrate their storytelling - using conventional text, video, graphics and interactive content - as well as harnessing the social media profiles of their own people, and those of key influencers around them."

He added: "The growing interest in 'digital first' reporting, video, real-time news, mobile content and citizen journalism all exemplify what we're calling the 'new normal for news'."

The news organisations spearheading quality online news reporting will gather in the Emirates Stadium in London tonight for the Online Media Awards ceremony, featuring nominations for organisations including Channel 4 News and ITN, al-Jazeera, BBC News and The Financial Times.

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