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85% of parents believe advertising is ‘biased’ towards mums, and that they can’t live without Apple and Pampers

The Asda Christmas ad focused on mums

Over three quarters (85 per cent) of parents believe that most advertising was biased towards mums with over half (56 per cent) saying advertisers should make an effort to talk to both mums and dads equally, according to a survey by AOL’s Parentdish.

The survey of 2,212 parents carried out with One Poll found that a fifth (20 per cent) were tempted to buy a new product after they saw it advertised.

It was discovered that Apple and Pampers were the brands that they cannot do without, while Asda, Boots and Mothercare were the top ranking brands to make life easier.

The survey found that in terms of brand loyalty, comfort (62 per cent), value for money (51 per cent) and trust (43 per cent) were the three most important factors considered by parents.

Tamsin Kelly, editor of Parentdish, said: “Modern parenting has evolved but many advertisers haven’t. The results of our extensive research show that advertisers should consider the needs of parents across the board, including those of both mums and dads. The focus should be less on gender and more on what they can offer families as a whole.”

Mums are more cost effective shoppers, with 51 per cent making the most of their shop with coupons and vouchers compared to 40 per cent of dads.

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