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The Cape Times campaign sees historic snaps subjected to camera phone parody for ad campaign

A series of historic images are the subject of a camera phone parody in which an extended arm is airbrushed into view to give the appearance of a self-portrait as part of a new advertising campaign.

The parodies paint a picture of how Winston Churchill could have looked during WWII had the camera phone and Twitter been invented. More modern images are also given the treatment, notably William and Kate’s balcony kiss to cement their new marriage.

These are intended to promote South African newspaper the Cape Times to illustrate how close to the news we have become in the modern era.

Devised by Lowe and Partners the campaign sports the tagline ‘Every story feels like a first-hand account’ and has become a huge internet hit.

Kirk Gainsford, who devised the campaign, commented: ‘We wanted to speak about great journalism being close to the source… and you don’t get closer than the subject of the story being the photographer.

“Selfies are a phenomenon of our time, we’ve all taken one, so we used the technique to leverage our message.”