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Viral Video Chart: Bizarre chiropractor ad beats Heineken and Old Spice to top spot

Star chiropractor Ryan Lee

A creepy ad for a Californian chiropractor has beaten big budget viral chart favourites Heineken and Old Spice to the top spot in this week's chart.

Produced by Rhett and Link, the ever so slightly disturbing ad for Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center, in which the eponymous star cracks more than smiles, has racked up more than 4 million views and 25,000 social shares over the last seven days.

We're not sure about you, but it doesn't exactly make The Drum team want to rush out for chiropractic treatment any time soon.

Elsewhere on the chart, Heineken's Negotiation and Old Spice's Baby finally bump Audi down the rankings after two weeks at the top for its entertaining clash of the Spocks.

The charts are compiled with the Viral Ad Network and are based on the number of shares each video has received on social media over the last seven days.

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