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Anger as Daily Mail Online splashes British Army sniper identity and photograph over internet

Criticism: The popular online news site attracted reader anger

The Daily Mail has faced fierce criticism from readers after publishing the photograph of a British Army sniper who killed two Taliban gunmen in Afghanistan - in a report blasting the MoD for revealing his identity.

The article was published the day before a British soldier in Woolwich was brutally killed in an apparent extreme Islamist attack.

The article referred to "bungling" MoD officials who revealed the soldier's identity, before going on to reveal his name, photograph, home town and family details, as well as more information about his time in Afghanistan.

The soldier was paid £100,000 in compensation by the MoD after his identity was revealed.

Readers made their views known on the comment section of the piece in apparent disbelief at the Mail's irresponsibility.

"DM says he was under stress before. How will he feel today seeing his picture on this site available to any terrorist reading online news. DM adding to a soldiers [sic] stress just for sake of putting a name and pictures on a news story. They are having a go at MoD for revealing identity yet continue the blunder themselves by continuing to put a man life at risk." - Stephen from Dudley

"Well if they didn't know who he was before, the good old DM has certainly made sure they do now!" - Mark from Sheffield

"Excellent idea, lets protect him by putting his photo on the top page of a newspaper. FAIL." - Mr Finlay

"I'm sure publishing his story and photographs are only going to add to his 'cover' being exposed. Not helpful and just another blunder. Thoughtless article." - lavenderpicker

"Good grief get this man's identity off this article NOW - I can hardly believe this." - rwehuman from Chester