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IAB Creative Showcase winner for April: Pringles 'Fan vs Flavour' from Glue Isobar

The IAB Creative Showcase has revealed the winners and runners up for the month of April, including work from Pringles, Samsung and Nivea.

1st place: Fan vs Flavour for Pringles by Glue Isobar

At the start of 2013, Pringles re-aired its much-loved TV ad ‘bursting with flavour’. The brand tasked glue Isobar with building engagement in digital and driving awareness of new flavour launches in 10 European markets, while living up to the Pringles brand value of ‘unexpected fun’.Fan vs Flavour was an interactive video campaign in which one Pringles fan was challenged to take on four new or improved mighty Pringles flavours in a variety of ‘unexpectedly fun’ ways. Playfully original casting, costume, contraptions, a curious track and carefully crafted social storytelling combined to deliver a full-on flavour explosion, totally in step with the evolving brand equity.The campaign consisted of a teaser video which counted down to the first flavour face-off, followed by four weekly challenges in which fans were invited to back Fan or Flavour through use of YouTube annotation technology. The videos were hosted on YouTube, and seeded via Facebook within a rich social narrative that encouraged community debate and interaction. A dedicated campaign hub housed the videos within Facebook as well as local Pringles brand sites, enabling fans and mass audiences to participate in the fun.The suite of videos notched up more than 3.1 million views over the six-week campaign period, engaged and excited the Facebook community, and created positive buzz across key video and entertainment blogs.

2nd place: We Are David Bailey for Samsung by Cheil

Samsung's NX cameras democratised photography by allowing amateur photographers to get professional results. The campaign brought this vividly to life by showing how ordinary people - plumbers, analysts, teachers, who just happened to be called David Bailey - could take shots as well as the David Bailey. Cheil recruited 143 of his namesakes from all over the UK, brought them to their secret location in London, trained them, gave them cameras and set them loose to show that with the Samsung NX1000, anyone can shoot like a pro. Through a multi-channel campaign with Facebook at its core, Cheil helped Samsung sell out of the camera in just 11 weeks and increase their market share from 2.8 per cent to 55 per cent.

3rd place: A Date To Remember for Nivea by Agency Republic

NIVEA Stress Protect is a new deodorant that provides proven protection for stressful situations. To put this to the test, Agency Republic created an interactive YouTube video, where you could make a first date even more stressful just by clicking on anything in the restaurant.There were plenty of surprises and some laugh-out-loud moments. But whatever happened, the heroine always kept her cool – thanks to NIVEA Stress Protect.The campaign reached over three million people. Half of those who interacted clicked on five of the nine interactions. And scored an average engagement time of nearly seven minutes.

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