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Sky Brazil allows customers to record programmes at home using Twitter with #SKYREC

Sky, the largest subscription-TV operator in Brazil, has launched #SKYREC, a new service for subscribers of SKY HD.

AgênciaClick Isobar developed the service after seeing that consumers were viewing twitter as their television information source rather than the Sky program schedule website.

After the Sky customer registers their Twitter username on the Sky site, it is then linked to their subscriber number and they can record programmes by re-tweeting @skybrasil including the hashtag #SKYREC.

Sky then connects the Twitter handle with the customer’s decoder at home and automatically records the programme.

Additionally for Sky, the service will naturally generate spontaneous media.

Fred Saldanha, creative vice president at AgênciaClick Isobar, said: “This service gives new significance to the Twitter brand by facilitating action in the customer’s life.

“By using #SKYREC customers don’t have to go to the programme, the programme goes to them. It’s a simple, innovative idea that is extremely relevant to the customer.”

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