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Beyoncé the blonde still leaves brunette Beyoncé at the starting line

Beyoncé - blonde or brunette? The choice is yours - but the viewers have already made theirs. And it seems the blonde allure of Marilyn Monroe is still exercising its pull.

Last week H&M introduced two ads featuring pop star Beyoncé. In one, her hair is blonde and she's wearing a swimsuit. In the other it's brunette and she's wearing a revealing dress. Both ads feature the same song and similar dance routines.

The ad featuring Beyoncé as a blonde scored significantly better with consumers, and 16 per cent of consumers mentioned the singer by name, according to research from AceMetrix.

In the ad featuring Beyoncé as a brunette, attention scores were lower and only seven percent of consumers referenced the singer by name. Says AdAge, "Of course, it could be that the Beyoncé in a bikini outperforms Beyoncé in a wet, clinging dress."

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