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Harrison's Fund release hard-hitting press campaign with the help of ais London

Alex Smith, Harrison's father, is a friend of ais London

Young charity Harrison’s Fund has revealed a controversial new press ad designed by creative agency ais London.

The attention grabbing headline ‘I wish my son had cancer’ is followed by copy that tells the story of six year old Harrison who has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative condition that will kill him slowly and painfully before he’s 20.

Harrison’s father, Alex Smith is a friend of the agency who created the ad with a non-existent budget.

The ad tells Alex’s story which ais London describe as “the strongest, hardest-to-buy concept” which “encapsulates how Alex and the parents of other sufferers of terminal diseases feel. It's the truth. And the truth can be the most shocking and powerful thing you can say”.

The hard hitting ad aims to raise money for research into the condition and asks the public to make a donation by text or via the Harrison’s Fund website.

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