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App downloads higher on smartphones than tablets, Kantar Media research reveals

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

April 29, 2013 | 3 min read

App downloads on smartphone devices are significantly higher than downloads on tablet, according to research from Kantar Media.

Research: Smartphones are proving more popular for apps

Social networking apps were the most popular and smartphones accounted for 37 per cent of downloads - double the number downloaded from tablet devices.

A quarter of smartphone users downloaded music apps compared to 11 per cent of those with tablets, while 19 per cent of tablet users downloaded entertainment apps - games, digital and books - next to 32 per cent of smartphone downloads.

Chief executive of Festival of Media - global insight partner of Kantar Media - Charlie Crowe, said: "Tablet might be one of the fastest growing technologies today, and though exponential growth of these devices has been forecast, it's important to note that current app consumption rates still sit quite strong within mobile devices.

"It would, of course, be foolish to ignore the role tablets have to play in shaping the future of the app market, but brands and media owners shouldn't forget to maintain their investment in mobile if they want to engage with a critical mass of consumers around the world."

Sports apps made up 18 per cent of downloads for smartphone users, ahead of tablet by 11 per cent, while health, diet and lifestyle apps accounted for 22 per cent on smartphones - double the download rate for the same apps on tablet.

Geoff Wicken, head of TGI International at Kantar Media, said: "There's no denying that more and more people are purchasing tablets for both business and personal use but the fact remains that there are a billion smartphones on the planet and tablet sales are still in their millions.

"While tablets will continue to become both more accessible and more sophisticated, the smartphone is still considered the all-round communications device that stays with a user for nearly 24 hours a day."

The data used in the research was collected between October 2011 and September 2012.

Downloads Tablets Smartphone

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