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Training Partnership between The Drum and Atmosphere on digital business strategy brings special offer

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

April 16, 2013 | 4 min read

The digital transformation has transcended industries and almost every part of them, leaving many businesses in need of help and guidance on how to respond to the revolution and optimise their practices properly, according to Nick Watt, partner at business future consultancy Atmosphere.

Training: Nick Watt of Atmosphere

Atmosphere recently joined forces with The Drum to produce a number of workshops across the UK providing training for decision makers on the challenges faced by increasing digital demands. Six workshops are planned, with the first in May, and each taking place in London, Manchester and Glasgow. As a result of the partnership, the first three sign-ups to each workshop can take a colleague along for no extra charge.

"The aim of these workshops is to provide business leaders and strategists with a real understanding of the effect digital is having not just on their marketing, but on business in general," Watt explained.

"For example, customer service wouldn't traditionally be something marketeers would have been concerned with but because brands are using things like Twitter and Facebook for customer service, which are channels normally managed by the marketing departments, the effect of digital is changing how they operate."

The first workshop, Digital For Business Leaders, offers "a jargon-free exploration" of the key digital channels - such as search, social and mobile - and an explanation of the difference between paid, owned and earned media. The event also looks at how business can use digital to develop products and services and takes a look at the rapidly increasing mobile consumer market. The London event takes place on 17 May at SocietyM, with workshops following in Manchester on 23 May and Glasgow on 24 May.

While the workshops cover many of the digital aspects businesses will already be embracing, Watt said the purpose of the training was not focused on teaching how to deliver a social or search campaign, for example, but to provide tools and insights that can be used to develop and deliver their business and marketing strategies.

"The courses are designed to help more senior people in companies understand what is going on out there in order to make important decisions on whether they need more resources or identifying where opportunities may be," he said. "It's not about how to do search or social media, they're not hands-on day-to-day workshops, they're more about making strategic decisions about your business."

"At the moment we are researching the challenges businesses are facing in acquiring and keeping up to date when it comes to digital marketing and business practices" he said. "Even those who consider themselves quite sophisticated when it comes to digital recognise they still need help." Watt continued. "I don't think that's going to change because digital is constantly evolving and presenting different challenges and opportunities."

Other workshops created by the partnership include Content Marketing - Content, Conversation and Conversion and Data Strategy, Letting Data Drive Decisions, both taking place in June. Training in Integrated Marketing - Touchpoints and Talking Multichannel is another offering available from the partnership.

You can find out more about the workshops on The Drum's dedicated section


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