By Ishbel Macleod, PR and social media consultant

April 3, 2013 | 2 min read

Nissan Europe has announced the launch of a pan-European campaign, “Urban Thrill Rides,” which sees the car carry out wakeboard and snowboard style moves.

The TV ad highlights Nissan’s latest innovation, Google Send-to-Car, which allows the driver to send Google Maps information to your car remotely.

Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan Europe, marketing communications general manager, commented, “At Nissan, we are dedicated to innovating in the market place and enhancing the technology used in our vehicles. With the Nissan Juke n-tec and the “Urban Thrill Ride” Campaign we are building on the successful launch of the Nissan Juke, and expanding an Innovation on the Nissan Connect navigation system, with the addition of the Google Send-to-Car technology amongst other features. Our commitment to providing exciting accessible technology packaged in an accessible way will be demonstrated time and time again in the months ahead.”

The campaign by TBWA\G1 is also set to include print, outdoor and digital.

Rudi Anggono, executive creative director at TBWA\G1, said: “For where most people see streets, pavements, buildings and bridges, Juke sees black runs, jump points, half pipes and killer surf. It turns every single journey into a white-knuckle ride. And like today's most extreme thrill seekers. It uses the latest technology to push every sensation to the max.”


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