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Golden Wonder launches crisp packet ‘amnesty’ in colour fightback


By John Glenday, Reporter

March 22, 2013 | 2 min read

Golden Wonder is taking its arch-rival Walkers to task for jumbling up the once ubiquitous association of the colour blue with salt and vinegar and green with cheese and onion in the popular snacks packaging.

In recent years Walkers has opted to usurp this convention by defiantly wrapping cheese and onion crisps in blue wrappers and salt and vinegar crisps in green bags – eliciting the wrath of traditionalists.

In a belated counter attack Golden Wonder has launched the ‘It’s Crunch-Time’ petition which has seen human crisp packets take to the streets to persuade shoppers to join their efforts to force a switch via a so called crisp ‘amnesty’.

This sees holders of the wrong coloured crisp bags offered the chance to exchange their offending snack for two packs of correctly hued crisps.

Scott Guthrie, group marketing director, at Golden Wonder, said: “We know the issue of crisp packet colours is an emotive subject, as can be seen from the letters we receive, to the conversations and debates on Facebook and Twitter.

“We’ve been putting our Cheese & Onion crisps in green packets for over 40 years so there are generations of crisp consumers who, like me, have grown up with these colours as the unwritten rule of crisp packets in Great Britain. We want to put an end to the confusion.”

A campaign website has been set up for individuals looking to give their backing to the petition.

Golden Wonder Walkers

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