The History Channel works with The Mill New York on 'Vikings' opening credits

The Mill New York worked on the credits for the new show

The History Channel has engaged with The Mill New York to create the opening titles to its new drama series ‘Vikings’.

Take 5, Mill+ director, Rama Allen, and team delivered the opening sequence for the show from concept art, through to production, edit, compositing, and final grade.

Allen explained: “Ritual. Supernatural. Visions. Gold. Smoke. Sex. Metal. Blood. Gods. Fire. Death. Honor. Family and the Sea…. are all Viking themes we drew from. We were given a blank canvas and decided to begin with music. Fever Ray's ‘If I Had a Heart’ was the first track we used and it became the soundtrack to our development, our pitch, and eventually the finished film.

“Our sequence was inspired by one of the folktales found in The Sagas, The tale of the 'Nine Sisters'…In our titles we follow the separation of a Viking from the living a he slips into darkness and death amongst the ornaments of his life with weaponry, gold and bone. His fading life force flickers throughout before he is consumed by one of the 'Sisters'.”

Allen added that “as the titles draw to a close the fiery massive raid assaults a darkened coast line.”

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