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"A lack of data is often perceived to be an infringement on human rights" Q+A with MOMA's judge Lewis Clayton


By The Drum Team, Editorial

March 13, 2013 | 4 min read

With the MOMAs (Marketing on Mobile Awards) judging scheduled to take place in April, The Drum will ask each of the judges for some of their own points of view around what is happening within the exponentially growing sector that is mobile.

Lewis Clayton is senior product manager, London Underground WiFi at Virgin Media

Here, Lewis Clayton, senior product manager, London Underground WiFi at Virgin Media, talks about the demand to be connected at all times, the benefits of WiFi on the Tube, why he can't live without his iPhone and why it's the best phone since the Nokia 8210.

Why is there now a consumer demand to be ‘always connected’, what opportunities does WiFi on the London Underground offer marketers? E.g. Targeting/geo locations.

So much of our daily information diet comes from the cloud, there is no wonder that users now demand to be connected at all times. A lack of data is often perceived to be an infringement on human rights, so much so that data "not-spots" such as the London Underground could no longer be ignored! Now that users are connected in stations, from ticket halls to platforms, this opens up opportunities for brands to make the most of their advertising underground. Now they can connect to the four million users of the London Underground network in a way that was not possible before. At the very least, all the QR codes and web addresses on those posters can actually deliver results, but the WiFi service can now deliver so much more for forward-thinking brands.

What is the main factor in preventing the mass adoption of mobile wallets at the current time?

A combination of lack of user demand or an elegant solution means we should see plastic for some time yet. It's tangible, quick, and has a general perception of security with the public that I don't think is shared by a mobile wallet.

What phone/tablet do you own and what do you like / not like about it?

Predictably, I have an iPhone and an iPad. My phone is probably the oldest iPhone4 in the UK but, aside from the memory being nearly full, I've never seen a reason to upgrade. The iPhone4 was the greatest phone ever made (apart from the Nokia 8210, of course) and all subsequent iterations from Apple have been slight improvements at best. What I love about the Apple products is also what I hate most; everything is managed without much interaction from the user. I love them, but I know I can never live without them.

What is the most exciting development around mobile at the moment?

HD Video. Everywhere.

There are 29 MOMA categories covering all aspects of mobile marketing, from apps to innovative use of mobile and user experience to use of video. The awards are open to any UK based individual, agency, company or business producing effective mobile strategies and campaigns. Registrations and entries should be made via the MOMA website by Friday 22 March.

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