eBooks and digital TV recorders/receivers added to 2013 basket of goods - office for national statistics

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

March 12, 2013 | 3 min read

The office for national statistics (ONS) has added eBooks and digital TV recorders/receivers to its 2013 basket of goods and services.

New addition: the eBook is now in the basket of good and services

The yearly review - which is used in compiling the consumer prices index (CPI) and retail prices index (RPI) - reflects current consumer spending patterns and the recent additions further confirm that shoppers are embracing digital forms of entertainment.

Mark Kirschner, executive officer of global marketing at Rakuten, said: "Although consumers are battling rising costs in many areas of their lives, the popularity of eBooks shows that there is a strong appetite for reading as a pastime and technology is playing a huge role in fuelling this. Out own research supports the fact that Brits are buying books and magazines with 54 per cent saying that they have purchased these items online in the last year.

"With consumers increasingly downloading and buying content on the internet, this addition to the basket of goods is another indication of how digital technology is changing both the way we shop and what we buy. The popularity of digital goods in the form of apps, music, films and books continues to increase as more consumers realise the benefits of being able to quickly and conveniently access content."

Standard freeview boxes were dropped from the basket in favour of the digital television recorders/receivers, while non-digital items such as round lettuce and 'staff restaurant dessert/pudding' were also dropped. Other additions included vegetable stir frys, hot chocolate and white rum.


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