Do The Green Thing WWF Earth Hour poster campaign: Don't do a Huhne by Huntley Muir

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

March 12, 2013 | 4 min read

Creative environmental charity Do The Green Thing has announced it is running 23 custom-designed posters, one each day in March in the build-up to WWF Earth Hour on 23 March.

Do The Green Thing WWF Earth Hour poster: Don't do a Huhne

On that date the environmental campaigners are encouraging people to switch their lights off from 20:30 in support of future sustainability, with The Drum running each poster on the morning of its release.

Yesterday Chris Huhne was jailed after a chain of events stemming from one bad decision: to take the car rather than walk. Ironic, given that he used to be the UK’s energy and climate change secretary. Artists Huntley Muir wanted to use him as an example of why it’s always better to ditch the car and go by foot instead.

Donna Muir said: “We were watching Chris Huhne on the news yesterday and were inspired to turn his story into a cautionary tale in red, black and white to inspire others to avoid his fate.”

Su Huntley added: “There are many lessons to learn from the Chris Huhne fiasco. One of the most important is not to speed, and better still, not to drive. We’re walkers, and after this turn of events, we’re even more committed to walking.”

Confirmed contributors are:

Tom Uglow, creative director at Google

Patrick Cox, designer of the London 2012 logo

Michael Bierut, Pentagram Partner and Co-Founder of Design Observer

Eddie Opara, Pentagram Partner and in Fast Company's 100 most creative people in business list

Su Huntley and Donna Muir, artists

Andrew Rae, illustrator at Peepshow and designer of Monkey Dust

Pete Fowler, illustrator and world-renowned monster creator

Dan Norris and Rachel Shaugnessey, creative directors, Wieden + Kennedy

Dan Germain, Creative Director, Innocent

Dean Chalkley, fashion photographer

Marina Willer, Pentagram Partner

Domenic Lippa, Pentagram Partner

Emily Oberman, Pentagram Partner

Harry Pearce, Pentagram Partner

Joe Stephenson, designer

Sophie Thomas, Co-Head of Design at the RSA

Steven Qua, designer

Hiromi Suzuki, illustrator

Angus Hyland, Pentagram Partner


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