By Noel Young, Correspondent

March 12, 2013 | 2 min read

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 to be launched in New York on Thursday is likely to have a five-inch screen - meriting the description "phablet" as the website ZDNet headlines it today.

The first five-inch phone was the Dell Streak in 2010, one of the first Android devices from a major PC manufacturer.

It was not a great success at the time people said it was too big to make it your primary smartphone.

Now fast forward three years. At the launch on Thursday, "According to a video, which may or may not be legit via 52Samsung, the Galaxy S4 will have a five-inch screen" says ZDNet.

"In less than three years, we've gone from mocking devices like the Streak to having a phablet format by default."

The writer likes Samsung's large screen formats, but points put," At some point, these screens will be too large - especially in the summer when you're running around in shorts."

However, for now, with the launch of the Galaxy S4 large screens will be everywhere.

"From the Galaxy S4, Samsung will sell you the Note - another larger screen - and probably a TV too - an even larger display." ZDNet asks, "See the theme here?"

Dell argued a five-inch screen was better for healthcare since a tablet that size fits into doctors lab pockets better. Today Samsung does have healthcare business with its monitors and other tools. "Combine the two and you can see where Samsung's business tech ambitions may be headed."

ZDNet added, "The screen size of the Galaxy S4s could be a big differentiator for IT buyers looking to combine smartphone and tablet purchases."


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