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Apple mulled ‘Tripod’ & ‘Mobi’ monickers before plumping for iPhone


By John Glenday, Reporter

March 5, 2013 | 1 min read

Apple has divulged some of the putative names it concocted to bestow upon its then nameless world-conquering phone, lifting the lid on a world which might have been.

Mashable reports that Ken Segall, Apple’s former head of advertising, revealed some of the names in contention before bosses finally plumped for iPhone, including such ungainly titles as TriPod, Mobi and TelePod.

TriPod was intended to reflect the gadgets triple functionality as a phone, music player and web browser whilst Mobi was a simple fore-shortening of mobile whilst TelPod was considered a snappy abbreviation of ‘telephone’ and ‘iPod’.

Ultimately of course these names were all consigned to the dustbin of history but their release affords an interesting insight into the creative process behind the device.


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