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Lose the tie, gain some Espiritu Libre, says beer brand Sol in new campaign by The Marketing Store

Sol tells Londoners: "Lose the tie"

A new ad campaign for Heineken's Sol lager has been created by The Marketing Store, suggesting London's workers "lose the tie, gain some Espiritu Libre".

The video depicts the city's workers commuting home from Canary Wharf underground station when a tie recycling bin, with the words Espiritu Libre written on it, captures their attention.

They begin stripping off their ties and dropping them into the bin, which responds by spitting out the severed ends with a note reading "free beer for a free spirit" attached, clipped by a Sol bottle top bent into a clasp. The film ends with one of the men exchanging the the severed tie for a bottle of Sol at the Ledger Building Bar.

Graham Wall, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, said: "The tie can be a symbol of power and success, but it can also be seen as a shackle, part of the daily grind. We wanted to give office workers back a sense of their true selves - to make bold choices and be rewarded for it. The Espiritu Libre activity brings out that free spirited sense of liberation that every bogged-down city worker has in his heart."

The new campaign saw the tie recycling bin appear the the Jubilee Plaza at Canary Wharf on 21 February.