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Sony PlayStation 4 announcement raises more questions than answers


By John Glenday, Reporter

February 21, 2013 | 1 min read

Sony’s much hyped PlayStation 4 announcement has left gamers largely none the wiser as to the future of the videogaming brand after the Japanese electronics firm kept the console, games, price and launch date firmly under its hat.

Instead at a glitzy New York ceremony the firm showcased hours of demos and speeches outlining goals and ambitions for the putative device with firm hard and fast facts few and far between.

Amongst them was the controller, which sports a prominent ‘share’ button to allow gamers to record the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay so that they can upload their feats of finger dexterity to YouTube with ease.

It also boasts a prominent ‘light bar’ which allows a separate camera to track its movement.

Divulged tech specs suggest that the device will be built like a ‘supercharged’ PC running off an x86 based CPU and enhanced PC GPU but rumours that the console will support 4k ultra high definition video, so far remain just that.

The device should be nestled in shop windows come December 2013 in selected territories


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