By Stephen Lepitak, -

February 20, 2013 | 1 min read

Google has released a new video highlighting some of the features of its upcoming Google Glass product.

The ‘How it Feels Through Google Glass’ video, posted on YouTube this morning, highlights the ability to take video and pictures, search for images, use Google Hangouts, receive SMS messages, use geo-location technology, search for flight details and internet-based information and find local weather temperatures using voice activation features.

Meanwhile, a competition to use the device has been launched, inviting people to tweet or use Google+ to highlight what they would use Google Glass for, given the opportunity to try a set.

The hashtag for the competition is #ifihadglass, with a word limit of 50 words, although pictures are also accepted.

A release date for the project has yet to be officially announced, although speculation last year was that developers would be given the product at some stage this year, before a possible roll-out in 2014.

More on what Project Google Glass could mean for the world can be read here.


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