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The Drum

UKTV’s Eden channel works with Red Bee Media for integrated multiplatform campaign promoting David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities

The campaign for David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities breaks on Sunday 27 January

UKTV’s Eden channel has worked with Red Bee Media to create a fully integrated, multiplatform campaign to promote David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, which debuts on Eden next Tuesday (29 January).

A joint passion project for Sir David Attenborough and executive producer Stephen Dunleavy, the series focuses on the creatures whose biology intrigues Sir David the most, including chameleons, giraffes, and the platypus.

Tasked with bringing the series to life, Red Bee Media developed a campaign delving into Sir David’s recollections of his lifelong passions and fascinations. Airing from Sunday 27 January, the TV creative shows Sir David’s notebook coming to life, the aesthetic was then carried across into print and digital. Red Bee Media created a 40” and 20” cutdown, a BEOP, two idents, a press as and digital banners, with films narrated by Sir David himself.

Eden’s general manager Adrian Wills, said the campaign put “the talent front and centre, while also providing a true sense of the show’s content and tone,” adding that “its distinctive visual style grabs [the viewer’s] attention.”