Judge explains ruling against The Sun publishing Kate Winslet nude photos


By Stephen Lepitak, -

January 18, 2013 | 2 min read

Having banned The Sun from running partial nude pictures of Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet, the judge behind the decision has revealed why, declaring her husband Ed RocknRoll as not being a public figure.

The Sun’s lawyers had argued its right to publish the pictures after RocknRoll, who has changed his name from Abel Smith, posted them onto his Facebook account and had become a public figure.

However, The Independent reports that following a two-day hearing, Mr Justice Briggs ruled that he had only "briefly become something of public figure" as a result of his relationship with the actress, but not “in the public sphere in his own right,” he added.

Mr Justic Briggs also highlighted Winslet’s previous nude scenes within some of her movies such as Titanic and Jude, claiming that the scenes may have caused “embarrassment and upset” to her two children. He did this as he dismissed arguments that the pictures being published would cause upset to her children, claiming that seeing their mother nude would not be a new experience for them.

In doing so he spoke of the difficulties Winslet faced in balancing being both a mother and an actress.


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