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By Jason Stone, Editor of David Reviews

January 16, 2013 | 2 min read

Branding expert Allyson Stewart-Allen claimed the ASA are likely to be "confused" by what claims to be the UK's first e-cigarette television ad when it is broadcast on Saturday night.

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, Stewart-Allen said the commercial for E-Lites will test the ASA's "framework and their guidelines [because] this isn't exactly smoking because it isn't combustible tobacco but it certainly looks like it - the logo looks like it - everything about the ad and the way it's targeted and it's marketed to people does appear to be just like cigarettes" before going on to predict that the commercial would be swiftly withdrawn.

Earlier chief executive of E-Lites Adrian Everett revealed that his company had been "very diligent in its discussions with Clearcast to ensure that - in no way - do we breach any Clearcast regulations nor any ASA regulations" and said that as the leading provider of products in this sector, his company has "a responsibility to ensure that the product is correctly portrayed in the public eye."

The commercial which breaks this weekend is Europe's first for e-cigarettes containing nicotine and light-heartedly suggests that parents who smoke might miss key moments in their children's development - when Dad pops outside for a quick cigarette, his young son takes his first steps before breaking into a little dance.

According to Everett, the commercial also has a sinister subtext as it also reminds the target audience that "the prolonged use of tobacco can shorten your life".

Earlier this week however, E-lite competitor SKYCIG released it's first advertising campaign.

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