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Five best examples of customer service: Lego, Bodyform and Samsung

The Lego letter to Luka has made us want to share more examples of fantastic customer service with you: from Bodyform to Lowcostholidays.

Click on the images to expand the letter.

Can you think of any more examples? Let us know.


This letter from a seven year old to Lego and the reply has gone viral this week, and we can see why.


‘The only customised S iii in Canada’? Wonder if we could get the same if we send a picture to Samsung UK?


We may have mentioned it before, but this tiger bread letter brightens our day…


Thomas Cook could have earned this spot, but no, Lostcostholidays took it. Way to get the publicity!


When someone complained on Facebook…Bodyform embraced it with a video. The only time a sanitary product has gone viral?

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