Former Drum editor to give tips on getting more press coverage

February 14, 2013 | 4 min read

Agencies looking to boost their business profile in the year ahead are being invited to attend a live webinar being hosted by The Drum’s former editor Richard Draycott, who will offer insights in how editorial teams work, how they make their news judgements and ultimately decide what makes it into print and what never sees the light of day.

The webinar, ‘How To Hit The Headlines’, takes place on Wednesday 27th February at 3pm.

Draycott spent more than decade editing marketing titles such as The Drum, Adline, The Marketeer and also spent a year at The Scotsman as Media Editor and he is set to reveal exactly what it is that trade journalists, news editors, features editors and editors look for from agencies and also how agency owners and staff can build a better relationship with journalists to ensure that they get more column inches.

Areas that the webinar will cover will include:

• What is a story (and what isn’t a story)

• How to get journalists on your side

• How to control and manage bad news

• How to manage an exclusive story

• How to structure a great press release

• How to complain when a journalist gets it wrong

• How to get stories covered your clients don’t want reported

• What annoys and frustrates journalists

Speaking of the webinar Draycott said: “Having been a trade journalist and editor for around 12 years I’ve seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s ironic that in an age when there has never been more space to fill because so much reporting is done online, so many agencies fail to give themselves the best chance of getting their stuff covered in the media.

“There are some simple techniques that every agency can use to make sure that journalists want to run their stories, opinion columns and features. It’s not rocket science, but does take some thought and consideration and an understanding of how editorial teams and editors work and what they need out of a story. I’ll reveal how journalists decide what sees the light of day and why so many press releases fail to make the grade.”

The webinar package includes:

• The live 60-minute webinar

• The recorded webinar to download and view again afterwards

• Full briefing notes & slides

• The opportunity to have a press release critiqued after the webinar to get tips on how to write killer press releases.

The price of this package is £45 and is FREE for all MiNetwork members.

If you are a member contact MiNetwork for sign up details.

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