evian proves Canary Wharf is swinging as part of Live young campaign

Water brand evian has unveiled adult-sized Live young swings in Canary Wharf, with a see-saw to be available in Finsbury Avenue Square from Wednesday.

Both installations, created by Havas Worldwide, will feature kinetically triggered snow machines which will reward playful behaviour: the more playful the behaviour, the more snow will fall.

Laura Pope, evian brand manager, said: “Anyone at any age can Live young - it is a state of mind and an attitude to life. evian’s giant playground installations are the perfect way to help stressed workers get in touch with their Live young spirit by letting go and having fun. For those who won’t be able to make it to the playground, our Facebook Live young hub will share a different way to Live young each day throughout January, as well as a fantastic competition to win a Live young Northern Lights igloo experience in Lapland.”

The campaign also includes digital escalator posters, cross track projections and transvision screens in 20 London underground stations and 14 key London commuter rail stations.

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