Five reasons why Santa might actually work in the creative industry

By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

December 20, 2012 | 2 min read

We been doing some thinking, here in The Drum towers, and we’ve come to an interesting conclusion: when Santa’s not busy wearing a snazzy red suit and sneaking down people’s chimneys, we think he works at an agency.

Here are five reasons why this might be true. If anyone at your agency fits all five, they might be the jolly man himself. Even if they are a woman. We could have unmasked a great conspiracy.

Reason number 1: He makes a list and checks it twice. Doesn’t that sound exactly like something a copywriter would do?

Reason number 2: You let him know what you want and he gets it for you, but sometimes he provides stuff you can in no way use. This reminds us of some PRs.

Reason number 3: Santa drinks a lot of whisky. According to Mad Men, so do those in the creative industry. We can tell Rudolph doesn’t work in the creative industry because we’ve never seen a show describing admen as obsessed with carrots.

Reason number 4: Santa loves giving presents. So do agencies, if our news editor’s desk is anything to go by. There are about 20 presents on his desk. He’s not in until tomorrow. We are jealous.

Reason number 5: Santa has a beard. A lot of creative types have a beard. If there is a woman in your office with a beard, this does not automatically make her Santa.


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