IAS b2b release Home Alone style Christmas video card

IAS b2b has unveiled its annual Christmas card production, this year starring trusty Rusty (Russell) in a comedic take on the festive classic ‘Home Alone’.

The seasonal video card features Rusty working late in the office alone and being faced with a challenge that leads him to undertake some Kevin McCallister-style antics.

Speaking of the idea behind “In the office alone”, Rob Morrice managing director of IAS b2b, told The Drum: “Loads of our guys and girls work late – alone – and the office being in an old Mill in the countryside is a bit of a scary place, so the idea came from there.”

Made completely in-house the video stars not only Rusty but other members of the IAS b2b team.

Morrice added: “We have to do a lot web broadcast these days so we do much of it in house – writing, filming, sound, editing, etc, so we thought we might showcase our talents.

"However as you can imagine after watching my performance, when working for clients, we don’t do the acting!”