Work Club's tshirtOS campaign for Ballantine's wins IAB Creative Showcase for November

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Work Club article

December 13, 2012 | 3 min read

Ballantine’s tshirtOS activity by Work Club has won November’s IAB Creative Showcase.

Ballantine's - tshirtOS - Work Club

The campaign was an extension of the Ballantine’s ‘Leave an Impression’ brand campaign, aiming to target a digitally savvy audience – this time featuring a Tshirt that is able to act as a platform for personal expression. The campaign saw two films shot, the first a Kickstarter style film about measuring interest for the tshirtOS, aim at building a passionate group of consumers, while the second followed a narrative of two friends who take the tshirtOS on a roller-coaster night out. At the time of writing the second film had garnered 1,554,969 views on YouTube.

Guinness - Paint the Town Black - Tribal DDB

The second placed winner for November was Tribal DDB’s Paint the Town Black campaign for Guinness, which aimed to raise awareness of Arthur’s Day – the global annual celebration of a man called Arthur Guinness. The agency aimed to garner active participation to celebrate Arthur’s Day and pique the interest of consumers, with music becoming the hook. The resulting activity allowed users to literally paint the town black, using a spray painting robot on the Guinness Facebook page to contribute to a series of giant artworks on buildings in Ireland and Singapore. Users could also ‘like’ Arthur’s Day in order to participate. They would then be connected to a live video feed of one of the cities, where they could then claim a pixel on the canvas, where the robot would spray the dot on the picture to eventually make up giant portraits of the starts of Arthur’s Day. The activity saw 10,000 people claim a pixel from across 100 countries, while drawing in 32,655 new facebook fans, with an average dwell time of six minutes on the live stream.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator - LBi

The third placed campaign was for Microsoft, entitled The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, by LBi, 3 Monkeys Communications, Jam and UM London. The campaign aimed to highlight the latest version of Internet Explorer and the best ways that its users could experience their favourite websites. This led to the decision to develop a new animated web series under the leadership of film director Edgar Wright and Marvel and Lucasfilm illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards. The four-part series, called The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, was powered by HTML 5, and invited users to shape the series. This allowed Microsoft to highlight the use of narrative, structure, the integration of the film from treatment to user instruction, interaction and sound, which highlighted the native power of Internet Explorer and how it could create compelling interactive branded content.

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