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Radio station 2DayFM behind Duchess of Cambridge prank call bombarded with angry tweets following nurse suicide reports


By Stephen Lepitak, -

December 7, 2012 | 2 min read

2dayFM, the radio station behind the prank call to the hospital caring for the Duchess of Cambridge, is being bombarded with angry messages on Twitter following reports that the nurse who took the call has committed suicide.

Earlier this week, the King Edward VII Hospital in central London, where the Duchess of Cambridge was staying due to severe morning sickness, received a hoax phone call from Australian radio station 2DayFM by radio presenters pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

The joke worked however, and they were able to receive personal information about the health of the Duchess, leading to questions about how such a breach could have come about.

The station has since issued an apology on behalf of the DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian, however it has been reported this afternoon that the nurse who took the call has committed suicide.

Since the news broke this afternoon of the suicide, the station, which at the time of writing was still promoting the prank call on the homepage of its website, was receiving angry messages in response.

@RebeccaMorris23 tweeted: “wonder how @2DayFMSydney are feeling now the nurse they pranked at the hospital has committed suicide because of their actions #tragic #RIP”

Another message by @benbronx read: “@2DayFMSydney Those two imbeciles Mel Greig & Michael Christian should be sacked. Was it worth it #2DayFM? Scum and vile radio station.” and @qprstu1

stated: "@2DayFMSydney you should all be disgusted with yourselves. What if it was your daughter/mum/sister. You've now caused a death #2dayfmpits"

Other tweets also called for the pair to be sacked following the news.

No statement has been released by the station at the time of writing.

Twitter Duchess of Cambridge 2dayFM

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