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Ten digital agencies challenged to illustrate social media terms without using actual words to celebrate Digital Podge anniversary

It is testament to the almost universal acceptance and popularity of social media that we rarely stop to think about how unusual some of our digital habits can be, from poking and pinning to stalking and spamming.

So, as Phil Jones returns with his 10th annual Digital Podge gathering which this year glorifies all things social media, 10 digital agencies were challenged to visually communicate a social media related word, without using the word itself.

But who did best? Vote for your favourite below and we will announce the winners at the Digital Podge event on Friday.

And can you guess the social media buzzword illustrated in each? Answers below.

To vote, click the Like button next to each image.


Cubo Group


Freestyle Interactive




Naked Penguin Boy




B-Reel: Stalk

Cubo Group: Pin

Dinosaur: Fail

Freestyle Interactive: Retweet

Hometown: Unfriend

Ignition: Follow

Line: Status

On-Three: Search

Naked Penguin Boy: Troll

Possible: Spam