The Marketing Weak Award: The party's gone wrong for Skoda's baffling 16th Birthday Party ad

So it's that time of the week again folks, when The Drum chooses its piece of marketing communications that made it feel filthy and in need of a shower with a scouring pad - The Marketing Weak Award. This week's smelly pile of cow manure comes in the form of a new Skoda ad – line up your old jokes now folks.

This man is determined to give his daughter the bestest 16th birthday party in the whole wide world, but what's this? The power's failed? How ever will she and her chums listen to 'Hey Now' by The Peter Bič Project and see where they're dancing? Dad's got the solution, of course, and it involves his Skoda Rapid.

Agency: Leagas Delaney (Prague)

Creative Team: Christoph Hohmann / Hermann Waterkamp Film Prod Co: Caviar

Director: Frank Devos