Shortlist unveils Blippable Chuckie Egg interactive game cover

By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

November 7, 2012 | 2 min read

Shortlist has announced that it is releasing its first ‘playable’ cover today with Blippar, allowing consumers to play retro game Chuckie Egg.

The magazine also includes a 20 greatest retro games feature, where readers can scan for free gaming apps, allowing them to play games such as Space Invaders and Outrun on their mobile devices.

Martin Robinson, editor of ShortList, said: “We’d been planning a gaming special for ShortList which celebrated retro games as well as new releases, and thought it would make for an exciting magazine first if people could somehow ‘play’ our cover. Having seen Blippar’s work with sister title Stylist’s Olympic edition and recent Estée Lauder and Bailey’s cover wraps and ShortList’s Skyfall interactive commercial cover wrap, ShortList decided to partner with Blippar to achieve the world’s first playable gaming cover.

“In consultation with Blippar, ShortList have chosen to feature the 80s platform game classic Chuckie Egg on the cover, which readers can Blipp to then play the game instantly on their phones and tablets exactly as it appears on the issue. ShortList has excelled itself in making the entire issue interactive, with every story – gaming or non-gaming – having some kind of Blippable content.”

The partnership sees interactive content strewn throughout the magazine.

Jess Butcher, CMO of Blippar, added: “We are so excited about this partnership – not only does it add new dimensions to the world of print media, but it’s never been done before. This is taking mobile visual discovery to a whole new level and will become a new way for print media to take back some of the readership that they have lost through the growth of the internet.”


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