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You’ve got Presidential Mail: How the candidates compare in email marketing strategies


By Jennifer Faull | Deputy Editor

November 6, 2012 | 2 min read

As the US Election results get closer, digital marketing agency Silverpop has analysed the email campaign tactics of the two front runners to see how well each engaged with potential votes.

People want to feel like they’re being treated as individuals, not just nameless addresses on a list. Obama was the leader in terms of a personalised email, with 98 per cent of his outbox going to a named recipient. On the other hand, only 8.5 per cent of Romney’s emails included a first name.

Neither candidate seems to be above referring to the other in emails to subscribers. Obama mentioned Romney in 25 per cent of his emails whist Romney mentioned Obama in 47 per cent of his.

Both candidates used email to respond to healthcare decisions, Obama responded to 50 per cent within an average of time of eight hours whereas Romney responded to 83 per cent in an average time of just one hour.

Often people decide to open an email based solely on who it’s from. Obama used 15 different From Names, 57 per cent from an Obama “staffer”, 18 per cent from Obama, 10 per cent from an Obama family member, 10 per cent from an influential Democrat (such as actress Sarah Jessica Parker) and four per cent from “other”.

Romney used 17 different From Names, again 57 per cent from a staff member, 21 per cent from Romney, 17 per cent from a family member, and four per cent from “other”.

Silverpop Email Romney

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