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Robbie Williams admits new song “sounds like Haribo advert”

YouTube fans were quick to point out the similarities between Robbie Williams’ latest single, Candy, and the kid’s sweets advert, but it now seems Robbie Williams has noticed that Haribo jingle and his song are alike.

Speaking to the Independent he said: "The Haribo advert sounds like ring-a-ring of roses so it does sound like the Haribo advert."

"But they can't sue me because they also sound like a nursery rhyme from a couple of centuries ago."

He added: "It was pointed out to me via YouTube when I read the comments and I was like 'oh yeah, it does doesn't it?’ But I think every song has been written now and everything sounds similar."

Despite the song, which was co-written with Gary Barlow, going straight to No.1 in the UK charts, Radio 1 announced it wouldn’t be played on its programmes as Williams is “too old” for its target audience.

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