PETA spices up fruit & veg for ‘Man Meat’ vegan ad

PETA has launched a new ‘Man Meat’ commercial geared toward encouraging men to forego their meat in order to ‘Stay firm and fresh’.

Utilising strategically placed cucumbers and carrots the ad has been timed to coincide with World Vegan Day it is intended to communicate the sexual benefits of going vegan.

It is hoped that this will encourage more men to sign up to the vegan lifestyle which is said to bring a lower cholesterol level as well as saving pigs, cows, chickens and fish from the dinner plate.

In a statement PETA said: “Fancy giving it a go? We'll be with you every step of the way, sending you e-mails that have top tips on eating out, mouth-watering recipes and tasty animal-friendly snacks. The only thing you'll be wondering is why on Earth you didn't go vegan sooner!”

PETA devised the campaign with in partnership with Fallon, notably Sam Hibbard and Dan Watts as CDs and creative Manu Diaz and Gonza Delgado.

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