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Guardian editor-in-chief denies plans to close print edition

Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian newspaper, has shot down rumours that it is seeking to go online only.

The Telegraph today reported that senior figures were ‘seriously discussing’ the move, claiming that sources fear the newspaper does not have enough money to run as a print edition as well as the website.

However, Rusbridger tweeted: “Numbers for going digital only & junking print just don't add up. So Telegraph has written the opposite of the truth.”

A spokesperson for The Guardian told The Drum: "There is no truth in reports that The Guardian intends to stop printing newspapers. Our newspapers generate three-quarters of our revenue and will remain the foundations of our organisation for many years to come. The management and executive of The Guardian and The Scott Trust Ltd have put in place a strategy that has enabled The Guardian to maintain its revenues and grow its audience to record levels. The Guardian is now the most read quality newspaper brand in Great Britain."

This is not the only time that The Guardian has denied such rumours - in June the newspaper also described such plans as 'absurd'.

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