Truce Commission: Why The Drum invited 12 design firms to design posters for each other

To mark the international day of peace – also known as Peace One Day - The Drum worked with Phil Jones of Podge lunch fame and launched what has become known as its Truce Commission.In terms of the big picture, Peace One Day is all about persuading those engaged in hot wars across the world to agree to some form of ceasefire, to help the wounded get out, the medics get in and perhaps get some dialogue going. But it is important we too lead by example. If the design profession can’t put aside its petty rivalry, what hope is there for persuading those with more fundamental differences?So the idea for our Truce Commission was born.

We basically invited 12 rival design firms to put their rivalry aside and do posters for each other. This was a fascinating exercise on a number of levels.It served as a reminder of why the industry exists in the first place; to provide objective advice to clients, who are very often too close to their own companies to see the wood for the trees.As the poet Robert Burns rightly commented: ‘O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.’The mechanic we employed was straightforward. We invited each agency to write a brief, which was then sent to the consultancy with which they were randomly paired. On producing the poster for their rival, we then asked them to write a short rationale explaining the thinking.But, to quote Burns again, ‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-glen’ as one agency had to pull out of the project at the last minute. Leaving us with an orphan agency who had already produced a fantastic poster- Cooke With An E.But all was not lost as new agency Baxter and Bailey took on the Cooke With An E brief. This has now given us an opportunity to extend this project, as we need a volunteer to take on the Baxter and Bailey brief. The agency who takes on this challenge will then have its brief published as a call for another firm and so on and so forth. If all goes to plan we hope to carry the project through to next year and create an exhibition of Truce Commission work. Today we’ve given you a taster of what to expect with the poster Baxter and Bailey created for Cooke With an E, and starting from Monday 8 October we will keep the momentum going with the publication of the artwork created and the original briefs by the rival agencies. To get involved take a look at the Baxter and Bailey brief below and contact project co-ordinator Jen Faull –

Baxter and Bailey for Cooke With An E

Get InvolvedThe Brief for Baxter and BaileyAgency background:Baxter and Bailey is a London based communication design studio founded by Matt Baxter and Dom Bailey. The studio will have a strong focus on the architecture, design, technology and arts sectors. It's where these sectors converge that Baxter and Bailey see exciting potential for creativity and collaboration between ambitious clients, creative agencies and their respective networks.What would you like your poster to say?We are new.We are experienced.We are focused on architecture, design, technology and the arts.Who should it be aimed at?Commissioners from the world of architecture, design, technology and the arts.What do they currently think of your agency?Let's see what Baxter and Bailey will do.What would you like them to think after seeing the poster?Let's meet up with Matt and Dom.Any mandatories? E.g. website, office address, company our Twitter feed@baxterandbaileyLogo (optional). Can be supplied on request.

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