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Dr Pepper UK launches Facebook app with Blast Radius

Dr Pepper has unveiled a never-ending Dr Pepper Facebook app, created by Blast radius, which allows fans to add their own video of them taking a swig from a Dr Pepper or Dr Pepper Zero to create an endless chain.

Each users takes the can from the right, sips it, and passes it on to the left in order to create the ‘never-ending can’ effect, with links to good, bad or embarrassing content scattered between the sips.

Blast Radius was given the brief to create a digital social experience centred on the concept of turning potential embarrassment into a positive outcome.

Andrew Ferguson, creative director at Blast Radius, said: “’What's the worst that could happen' is iconic and we really wanted teens to experience it first hand in front of their friends and other Dr Pepper fans. Creating an endless video chain allowed us to make the experience both personal and greater than the sum of its parts within the same execution.”

Kate Bleyer, brand innovation manager at Dr Pepper, added: “Conceiving and implementing a campaign that brings the Dr Pepper brand and its core creative idea to life, while engaging our teen target audience in a personal and sharable manner is a hard task – but Blast Radius absolutely delivered and we're thrilled and can’t wait to see the results.”

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