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Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative unveils £1m ATL campaign with Zone

Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo) has announced the launch of a £1m creative campaign, created by Zone, to raise awareness of the benefits of organic milk and organic dairy farming.

The above-the-line campaign, entitled ‘Wise up: Choose Organic Milk’, has four separate executions which will run across 16 national print titles, outdoor sites in 48” and 96” executions, digital display adverts on the London Underground, and online banners and MPUs on

Richard Hampton, OMSCo sales and marketing director, said the campaign was created because there is a lack of understanding on how organic milk is made.

He added: “Our extensive consumer research shows that building a consumer’s awareness of this difference can lead to an increase in interest in buying organic dairy products.”

The campaign will also include a consumer-facing website, which will go live this week with the aim of educating the public.

Giles Brenard, creative director at Zone, added: “The campaign makes the link between organic as a natural way of farming and the milk that you put on your cornflakes every day. The no-nonsense directness of the copy and art direction reflect that. No beautiful fields, no dancing cows – just a quality product that’s made with as little artificial intervention as possible.”

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