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September 29, 2012 | 2 min read

Guinness has announced Tribal London was behind its recently launched social media campaign to celebrate Arthur Guinness.

Entitled ‘Paint the Town Black’, the campaign asked fans to contribute to a series of giant artworks on public buildings across the world by controlling a spray painting robot via the brand’s Facebook page.

The integration of Facebook’s social technology with the large scale mechanical system was conceived and produced by Tribal London in five weeks, with the first artwork revealed in Singapore on September 18 which

saw over 5,000 people taking part.

Matt Oxley, head of creative technology at Tribal London, said: “We believe that bringing the real and digital world’s closer together has great potential for brands. Tribal London has embarked on some ambitious projects in this space over the years, but this has been our biggest and most daring project yet. Nothing like this exists anywhere else in the world.”

Joanne Looby, Guinness global senior brand manager at Diageo, added: “This was a risky project but one that we believed in from the start. The execution surpassed our expectations and the results will help us achieve our goal of establishing Arthur’s Day with a new audience.”

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