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Tesco and Sony come on board as DCM Switches to Digital advertising offering

Managing director at DCM Simon Rees

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has switched to Digital, which is claims will offer advertisers 'a faster', 'more flexible', and 'more creative cinema medium' with Sony and Tesco being amongst the first to benefit. The move heralds a new era in cinema advertising and brands are already taking advantage of the options for shorter lead-times and greater freedom to choose, change and adapt messaging.

Sony Home Entertainment is using the new flexibility to rotate copy for its new DVD release of “Breaking Bad Series 4”. Ad spots running over the weekend will carry ‘Out Monday’ copy before switching to ‘Out Now’ from Monday. Tesco is utilising DCM’s quicker scheduling to run its ‘Quality Apples’ food campaign.

DCM’s new ability to start cinema campaigns on any day of the week and shorter copy deadlines, reduced from three weeks to one, have already appealed to numerous advertisers. The move to Digital operations comes in response to requests from cinema advertisers who spent in excess of £169 million in 2011.

70,000 playlists can be generated in seven minutes at a rate of 10,000 per minute or 166 per second, under the new offering. To prepare for the switchover the industry has invested £200 million in 3000 digital projectors in cinemas across the UK as well as 2000 hours of software development and the installation of 250 satellite dishes.

Managing director at DCM, Simon Rees, added: “It is rewarding to see how advertisers are embracing DCM’s switch to digital…We’re expecting the adoption of digital technology to trigger a huge period of change and creativity in cinema advertising.

“Cinema remains the most impactful advertising medium offering a famously uninterrupted advertising experience for brands in an increasingly cluttered media world.”

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