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Rustlers ‘fit as a butcher’s daughter’ video ads banned for sex-object portrayal

Two video ads on Rustlers Online for the convenience food brand have been banned by the ASA for portraying a woman as a sex-object, with the ‘butcher’s daughter’ character making sexual innuendos while stroking a large salami sausage.

The ‘fit as a butcher’s daughter’ campaign, aimed at 18-24 year old males and created by BJL, also featured two ads shown during VOD programmes, which the ASA did not ban.

In one of the banned ads, the daughter said "Oh yes, you know how the script goes, don't you boys? Your starving mates keep coming over, so here's some ideas for mouth watering, tasty treats to give them. Rustlers subs, Rustlers burgers on my lovely baps, or Rustlers wraps are sure to go down a storm and tackle their hunger. Containing no hydrogenated fat, we can trace your meat back to its farm of origin. It's flame-grilled and coated in my creamy mayo salsa or barbeque sauce, guaranteed to satisfy your drooling mouth. They're quick and easy to cook and if you offer a touch of liquid refreshment too, the shout from your mates will be 'I want some more'."

Brand owners Kepak Convenience Foods said that the ads were suggestive rather than explicit, and it was willing to introduce an age-gate for content on their website which related to the campaign.

However, because the interactive Rustlers Online ads could be used to jump to certain words or phrases, the ASA ruled the ads ‘became sexually explicit when combined in different orders by the user.’

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