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Did Star magazine retouch Kate picture to to give her a baby bump?


By Noel Young | Correspondent

September 20, 2012 | 3 min read

Maybe you are fed up of Kate Middleton photo stories: but this one is different: Did the American magazine Star Photoshop a picture of Kate on their cover to suggest a baby bump?

Kate: Compare the pictures

The question comes from these super sleuths at Huffpo. They point out that In its September 17th issue, Star first crowed, "It's Official -- Kate's Pregnant!" And just a week later, they "confirm" that"It's Twins!" A family friend supposedly tells the mag that Kate had an early pregnancy test done and her hormone levels indicated that two royal babies were on the way, said Huffpo.

Then the photo of the duchess from a state dinner in Singapore last week even seems to show her with a hint of a bump.

"Well, take that with however huge a grain of salt you wish," says Huffpo. "But there might be something even more dubious... is that baby bump a figment of someone's overzealous photo retouching?

" The lines of Catherine's dress appeared fuzzy on Star's cover, a sure sign that they've been manipulated (i.e., pressed outward to suggest a bump, perhaps?). They also seem to have removed a ring from her right hand and re-adjusted the water glass so it could be closer to her face."

Huffpo invited its readers to take part in a quick poll. These were the results:

Does this cover look Photoshopped to you?

Yes, ugh. Seriously?80.95%

Nope, I want to believe the rumors!19.05%

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