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Burberry opens the doors to its digital concept store

As London Fashion Week gets underway, Burberry has launched its flagship concept store which has been designed to be a physical manifestation of the fashion brand’s website – Burberry World Live.

Located on Regent Street, the store has been designed with 22.5 feet tall screens, live-streaming Burberry events as well as 420 speakers which have been welded into the original architecture of the Grade II listed building.

RFID-enabled mirrors have also been incorporated which morph into screens showing personalised content as you approach them with a product which has been embedded with a chip. This content has included information such as how the garment was made or how it was styled on the catwalk.

Each of the 260 staff members have also been given iPads containing consumers' shopping history to help make the in-store shopping experience as smooth as that online. Shoppers are directed to one of the store’s lounge areas to complete the transaction as opposed to the standard till point.

Speaking to the Guardian, Christopher Bailey, the firm's chief creative officer, commented on the store: "We designed it like that because when you're shopping at home online, you are on the sofa with your credit card. You don't stand up and queue.

"I find it weird that anyone would find it [digital-first thinking] weird. Most of us are very digital in our daily lives now. Burberry is a young team and this is instinctive to us. To the younger generation who are coming into adulthood now, this is all they know," he continued.

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