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Ladbrokes kicks off the new football season with ad by SapientNitro

Ladbrokes has unveiled a new TV ad featuring Tiziano Crudeli, the passionate Italian football commentator, to promote the start of the domestic football season.

In the ad by SapientNitro, Crudeli is so excited about the start of the new season that he interrupts other ads - in a similar manner to the American Old Spice ad featuring Terry Crews - to ensure everyone knows about betting on matches.

‘Shampoo’ starts out as a shampoo ad featuring the Sky football pundit and ex-footballer, Chris Kamara, promoting fictitious ‘Manwave Proscalp’ brand, before Crudeli runs in and steals his towel, shouting “football is on”.

Malcolm Poynton, chief creative officer at SapientNitro, said: “In this campaign we wanted to parody the endless number of ads throughout televised football that use retired sportsmen and women to promote brands, all which take themselves way too seriously. Our audience like a laugh and that's what this campaign delivers along with Ladbrokes’ trademark 'excitement' - Kammie also discovered a new take on Game On! ”

The ad will break Sunday 12 August at 13.45 on ITV, ahead of the Community Shield match and traditional season opener.

Adam Collett, marketing communications director at Ladbrokes, added: “Our Game On! campaign has been a great success for Ladbrokes since its launch and this new execution takes us even further down the road of delivering the excitement of betting to our customers. Tiziano Crudeli and Kammy are a brilliant, funny and powerful team helping us communicate our brand in a truly engaging and entertaining way.”