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Retailers to use social media to encourage people to visit ‘ghost town’ London

The New West End Company, Transport for London and London & Partners hope that social media will be able to encourage shoppers to come back to ‘ghost town’ London, following complaints from retailers that tourists and locals are staying away from the city centre to avoid overcrowding.

According to Retail Week, The New West End Company met with the Mayor’s office on Wednesday to debate a solution.

Jace Tyrrell, director of communications at the New West End Company, said: “There’s going to be a good push on social media to remind people that it’s easy to get into the West End. All of us are going to push this message out and retailers themselves will be too.”

He suggested that advice telling Londoners to avoid busy areas had gone too far: “[TFL] did a great job in communicating that message, but now we know it’s quieter than expected I think it needs to change.

“The new message should be ‘come and enjoy your city’ - particularly to those people working from home or on holiday.”

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