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Olympic sponsors now being blamed for empty gaps within venue stadiums

As if Olympic sponsors hadn’t come in for enough grief, having spent a fortune to become sponsors in the first place only to be vilified as a result of the strict rules put in place by LOCOG, they are now being blamed for empty seats being left within the Games themselves.

A lot of empty seats have appeared at some of the events, apparently booked for sponsors, as a result of them not turning up.

Organisers have denied that it is entirely down to an absence from the sponsors, although eight per cent of tickets were reserved for them, and new tickets are now being made available for the public to purchase online as a result.

London 2012 chairman, Lord Sebastian Coe has also moved to announce a plan that could see soldiers, teachers and students fill the seats.

“We take it seriously,’ he said. ‘I don’t want to see swathes of those seats empty and that’s why we will make sure, where we can, people are in those seats when they are not used,” said Coe.

“Let’s put this in perspective. Those venues are stuffed to the gunwales. The public are in there," he added.